Astounding Advantages of Enlisting Shopfitting Services

For most retailers renting out a space for their shop, they tend to be limited to the layout that has been provided to them by the property owner. Although some layouts may work with your intended vision for the space, it is always best to customize the shop so that it lends your business personality rather than your space looking identical to all other rental spaces in the building. Although you can go about customizing the space on your own, it is always smart to hire a shopfitting expert, especially if you have no experience in interior design or understanding how to maximize on the arrangement of your products. Read More 

Green screen: what can be recycled from a mobile phone?

Most people have an old mobile phone hanging around, either because they have replaced it with a newer model or because it has stopped working. Along with other electronic waste, these devices frequently finish up in landfill sites, which not only risks polluting the surrounding soil or water but also wastes the materials inside them. E-waste recycling can solve these problems, but what happens to the devices once they are dropped off? Read More 

Two tips for sprucing up the exterior of your business premises

If you want to spruce up the exterior of your business premises, here are two tips that you might find helpful. Add a lawn If the outside of your business premises is just a vast sea of grey, dreary concrete paving, then you might want to consider purchasing some lawn and turf supplies and having a professional landscaper create a lawn in this part of your commercial property. It's important not to underestimate the positive impact this could have on your enterprise. Read More 

When to Consider Hiring a Bunded Fuel Tank

When it comes to storage of fuel at your desired location, you will need to use a bunded fuel tank. But what exactly is a 'bunded' tank? A bunded tank is basically a tank that has an extra exterior layer to protect the internal tank that holds fuel against theft and damage. Aside from providing protection against theft and damage, the 'bund' layer can hold all of the contents of the inner tank, so that if the inner tank develops leaks, the external layer has the capacity to completely contain the spillages. Read More 

How to best meet your electricity supply needs

Whatever industry you work in, whether that is the mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, or farming sector, you know that you can't manage your business without sufficient power. Electricity is essential to keep your equipment running and your workers employed, but not just any electricity will do. Not only do you need to get your electricity to where you are working, but it has to be the right voltage for your equipment. Read More