When to Consider Hiring a Bunded Fuel Tank

When it comes to storage of fuel at your desired location, you will need to use a bunded fuel tank. But what exactly is a 'bunded' tank? A bunded tank is basically a tank that has an extra exterior layer to protect the internal tank that holds fuel against theft and damage. Aside from providing protection against theft and damage, the 'bund' layer can hold all of the contents of the inner tank, so that if the inner tank develops leaks, the external layer has the capacity to completely contain the spillages.

If you need to use a bunded fuel tank, you will have to choose between hiring and buying one. Here are a number of circumstances when it is best to hire a bunded fuel tank.

When you need to store fuel on a temporary basis.

Saving money is definitely a top priority for those looking to use a bunded fuel tank. Generally speaking, buying a tank is the most economical option if you are looking to store fuel over the long term. Though you will have to incur a bigger cost initially, you will realise significant cost savings in the long run.  

But if you only need to store fuel onsite on a short-term basis, hiring a tank can be a more cost-efficient option. You will be able to get the tank you need without incurring the high initial cost of purchasing a tank outright. As a matter of fact, you will only need to part with a small fraction of the total price you would have paid for the tank you need.

When your fuel storage needs keep changing.

Bunded fuel tanks come in different materials, sizes, shapes and designs. If your fuel storage needs constantly keep changing such that you will require a different type of tank for every application, buying the tanks you need may prove to be a costly undertaking. 

Instead of buying tanks you don't see yourself using again, it would be better to hire what you need and let the tank renting business deal with the depreciation costs. By hiring, you choose exactly what you need for a particular application, meaning you will always get the right tank.

Bunded fuel tanks are the ultimate solution to your fuel storage needs. If you need to hire a bunded tank, contact the staff at a business that offers fuel tank hire and ask them to help you choose a tank that is right for you.