Why Rare Earth Magnets Are Commonly Used for Crafting and DIY

Rare earth magnets are commonly used for commercial or industrial purposes, but this doesn't mean that they're never used for home use. In fact, rare earth magnets are actually very commonly used for crafting and DIY. If you're surprised to learn this, then consider the reasons why such magnets are commonly used around the home. Once you learn more about these magnets, you may even want to purchase some for at-home use for your own projects, too.

They Aren't Actually Rare

Because of their name, you could be surprised to hear that rare earth magnets are commonly used in many homes. After all, some people assume that rare earth magnets aren't easily accessible because they're made from rare materials. However, despite their name, the earth metals that are used to make these magnets are actually abundantly found in the Earth's crust. Those metals are commonly found dispersed with other elements, but with today's technology, rare earth magnets can be made pretty easily. Therefore, you don't have to be a commercial or industrial customer to purchase such materials. Instead, they are actually easy to find and buy if you want to use them for crafting, do-it-yourself activities or other at-home projects.

They're Versatile

If you've never owned rare earth magnets, you might not know just how useful they can be. For instance, they can be used for everything from creating refrigerator magnets to mounting art on your walls to finding studs in your walls and more. Once you have rare earth magnets in your home, you might be surprised by how often you'll use them.

They're Strong

You probably already know that magnets are useful, but you have probably used magnets before that weren't very strong. Magnets that aren't very strong simply aren't as useful, whether you're using them at home or for other purposes. However, rare earth magnets are typically quite strong, making them more useful for whatever you plan on using them for.

They're Small

In a big, industrial environment, there is plenty of space for working with large magnets. Large magnets are often very heavy and take up a lot of storage space, making them less than ideal for at-home use. However, as mentioned above, rare earth magnets are actually very strong. Therefore, for at-home use, you won't need to use magnets that are very big. Instead, you can purchase smaller magnets that are useful but that don't take up a lot of space or weigh a lot.

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