Two tips for sprucing up the exterior of your business premises

If you want to spruce up the exterior of your business premises, here are two tips that you might find helpful.

Add a lawn

If the outside of your business premises is just a vast sea of grey, dreary concrete paving, then you might want to consider purchasing some lawn and turf supplies and having a professional landscaper create a lawn in this part of your commercial property.

It's important not to underestimate the positive impact this could have on your enterprise. Whilst, in theory, people should only judge your business based on the quality of your services or products, and should not be swayed one way or another by the appearance of your premises, the harsh reality is that your customers or clients will base their opinions about your enterprise at least partially on the way that your commercial property looks.

Aesthetics are important to most people and many individuals prefer to purchase products from or use the services of businesses which are located in visually-appealing commercial properties.

In addition to making your premises's exterior more attractive, a manicured lawn which is clearly well cared for can also help to give your enterprise an air of professionalism, as it will signal to your customers that you care enough about your business to keep your premises in excellent condition.

In short, by replacing a section of your current paved exterior with a lush green lawn, you may be able to improve the way in which your customers' or clients' perceive your business.

Before ordering your lawn and turf supplies, carefully measure the area in which you will be creating the lawn so that you know the exact quantity of materials you will need to buy.

Additionally, make sure to factor in the amount of time you or your employees have to maintain the lawn. If you're extremely busy, it may be best to opt for a low maintenance variety of turf, which only requires a small amount of watering and fertilising in order to retain its bright green appearance.

Repaint the exterior walls

Over time, the paint on the exterior walls of a commercial building can begin to fade, crack and peel. It may also end up covered in mud splatters and graffiti.

However, because this type of deterioration occurs very gradually, most people who enter and exit the building on a regular basis barely even notice it until the building starts to look extremely dilapidated.

If the exterior walls of your commercial property are looking a bit worse for wear, it may be worth repainting them. This is a cheap and simple task which can be completed by a few people in just a couple of days, but which could significantly improve the overall appearance of your premises's exterior.

If you decide to do this, it's best to arrange for the work to be performed outside of your normal business hours, so as to ensure that the painting process does not have a negative impact on your customers' or clients' experience of shopping in your premises.