When to Consider Hiring a Bunded Fuel Tank

When it comes to storage of fuel at your desired location, you will need to use a bunded fuel tank. But what exactly is a 'bunded' tank? A bunded tank is basically a tank that has an extra exterior layer to protect the internal tank that holds fuel against theft and damage. Aside from providing protection against theft and damage, the 'bund' layer can hold all of the contents of the inner tank, so that if the inner tank develops leaks, the external layer has the capacity to completely contain the spillages. Read More 

How to best meet your electricity supply needs

Whatever industry you work in, whether that is the mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, or farming sector, you know that you can't manage your business without sufficient power. Electricity is essential to keep your equipment running and your workers employed, but not just any electricity will do. Not only do you need to get your electricity to where you are working, but it has to be the right voltage for your equipment. Read More 

How New 3-D Technology Can Help Land Surveyors

In one way or another, technology has affected the lives of every Australian. In most cases, these advances have made life a lot easier across the board, from innovations in the home to advancements at work. In one particular industry, new methods have revolutionised the methods used and enabled the experts to come up with better results in less time. How have new laser technologies changed the way that land surveyors operate, and how is this of benefit to the consumer? Read More 

Buying a Pontoon Boat: Do You Need Two or Three Tubes?

Pontoons are one of the best boat choices for people really looking to enjoy their time on the water. They're stable, safe, have plenty of space for entertaining friends and family, and they're perfect for sports like waterskiing. Traditionally, this type of boat had two floats, or pontoons, but now they're also available with three. If you're not an expert, it can be difficult to know what the difference is in practical terms, and which one would be best for you. Read More 

Cranes: Have You Chosen the Right Lifting Solution for Your Workstation?

Typically, a ute crane refers to a machine used for moving heavy stuff from one place to another. Unlike other transport mechanisms, cranes rely exclusively on lifting mechanism such as hoist ropes and sheaves to move loads vertically or sideways. The combination of the elements in the lifting mechanism gives cranes lots mechanical advantage needed in handling complicated loads. You can choose from a variety of lifting mechanisms depending on the ones that best suit your workstations. Read More