4 Reasons Why Reclaiming Tyres from Mining Equipment Is Beneficial

Waste from mining machinery has become a massive problem in Australia. After the mining process is done, the companies no longer have use of their large mining equipment. These machines have ended up filling landfills. Tyres are the most significant waste from the mining machines. Tyres are meant to last for long periods. After its service, a higher percentage of the original resources still remain inside it. Some benefits brought by reclaiming tyres from mining equipment are given in the article. 

Creates New Useful Products

Various useful products can be made from recycled tyres. The most popular product is fuel. Fuel processed from tyres has fewer emissions and is more energy-efficient. In addition to fuel, the tyres can make rubberised asphalt, turf for playgrounds and flooring materials. The best thing is that some offer better alternatives. For instance, the asphalt manufactured from used tyres is more skid-resistant and durable. 

Also, if you are into DIY, you can use the tyres from mining machines in various projects. They can be ideal for planters, furniture and also playground devices. 

Reduces Space Used In Landfills

Tyres have a round and hollow shape that could use up a lot of landfill space. That makes them a danger to the environment. Also, landfills tend to have limited space. Therefore, once tyres in your mining machines wear out, find ways of recycling them. That could free up space in the landfills. The space created could be used to dispose of other garbage that cannot be salvaged.

Minimises Spread of Diseases

The fact that tyres are hollow and large creates a suitable space for rodents. Stagnant water could also accumulate in them and create an ideal breeding space for mosquitoes. Both dirty rodents and mosquitoes are carriers of deadly diseases. Reclamation of tyres could help prevent these diseases from spreading. 

Stops Fires and Pollution

Fires are significant problems with discarded tyres. The worst part is that putting out fires from these old tyres can be a nightmare. Also, these fires lead to the production of thick black smoke that causes significant pollution. The soil and water in areas close to these fires will likely end up contaminated. 


Mining equipment could lead to significant pollution when the process is complete. Since tyres are changed several times in the process, they are the most prominent environmental nuisance. Therefore, companies are encouraged to find different large mining equipment reclamation solutions to reduce their environmental impact.