Essential Things to Consider When Selecting Line Marking Equipment

Proper line marks are extremely important on your commercial space, especially on parking lots. They help direct the flow of traffic and ensure order of the vehicles within the space. There are multiple kinds of line marking equipment and machines in the markets so you must choose wisely. Therefore, when selecting line marking equipment for your parking lot, here are a few things to help you get the right one.

Legal Regulations

It is always a good idea to check if there are any regulations concerning the kind of line marks you should have on your parking lot because this will affect the type of line marking equipment to use. For instance, there could be regulations on the width of the marks or lines you are using on the parking lot or even their colour. In some areas, oil-based paints are prohibited, so you need to choose a line-marking machine that doesn't use such paints. Such issues will affect your choice of line marking equipment to choose. Therefore, the first step to getting the right line marking equipment would be to find out from your local council whether there are any regulations that may affect your selection.

Area to Be Marked

You should also look at the size of your parking lot when deciding on the kind of line marking equipment to invest in. The size of your parking lot can determine whether to use a walk-behind, truck-mounted or a ride-on line marking machine. Walk-behind units are usually used on relatively small parking lots. However, if you are working over a considerably larger area, such as a parking lot at a shopping mall, truck-mounted and ride-on line marking equipment are the ideal choice because they will ensure the marking is done within the shortest period possible.

Type of Paint

Different line marking machines use different types of paints. Therefore, you need to understand the kind of paint that will be most suitable for your parking lot, and a few things will come into play when thinking about this. The climate of your region is usually highly significant. For instance, oil-based paints usually work well in cold regions because they don't freeze. Freezing can cause the paint to crack or chip.

Oil-based paints would also be a good choice if your parking lot gets flooded, especially in winter or during rainy seasons. The paints will repel the water and ensure the lines are unaffected by the flooding. For warmer, tropical climates, water-based or thermoplastic paints are the way to go.  

For sunny areas, consider epoxy paints because they don't fade easily when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

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